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Creative Gastro Concept and Design AG, based in Hergiswil, is registered as a public limited company and has already carried out more than 100 different mandates in the field of planning, management and operational tendering, analyses, conceptions, purchasing, cost structures, energy optimization, and administration.

The goal of Creative Gastro Concept and Design AG is to offer the best and most rational solution for the users in the gastronomy and hotel industry, as well as in the whole area of communal and hospital catering. We go very modern ways and always try to include the users in the company in the considerations.

urs jenny

Urs Jenny (Director)

In 1991, Mr. Jenny founded Creative Gastro Concept & Design AG with the aim of himself
to establish itself in the catering planning market.

With his innovative and well thought-out ideas, Mr. Jenny promoted the company to one of the leading service providers in the catering industry, especially large-scale kitchen planning.

With his many years of experience, Mr. Jenny is an indispensable member of Creative Gastro AG and a guarantee for successful project management.

Mr. Jenny is a specialist when it comes to project management and with his know-how always conveys the highest quality and willingness to perform. As an entrepreneur of the old school, Mr. Jenny is constantly educating himself.

The 71-year-old project manager has not yet had enough of business and, thanks to his know-how, is indispensable for the success of Creative Gastro AG’s projects.

Motto in life: standing still is going backwards!


Nexhaa Sejdiu (Project Supervisor )

Nexhaa Sejdiu has many years of professional experience in the areas of controlling, project management and analysis. She has already contributed her knowledge and experience to many projects in the field of construction planning and gastronomy, and her training as a business IT specialist enriches the entire team.

The 27-year-old supports all projects of Creative Gastro AG with her specialist knowledge and through her progressive work processes, she brings new and success-oriented ideas into the projects and the company.

Life motto: what you are shows in what you do

Quotes: It is a big mistake to think that a person is always the same. A person is never the same for long. He’s always changing. He doesn’t stay the same even for half an hour.

I. Gurdjieff

Valdet Biqkaj

Valdet Biqkaj (CEO)

Mr. Biqkaj took over Creative Gastro AG in January 2021 and has been managing the business as CEO since then.

The 36-year-old entrepreneur Valdet Biqkaj with degrees in business administration and management has many years of professional experience. He set his functional priorities in the areas of controlling management, customer and user consulting, IT, organization and corporate management.

As a consultant and manager, he was active throughout Switzerland, particularly in medium-sized companies, and accompanied several consulting projects in the catering industry. He has been working in the Zurich area since 2014 and is a member of the executive board at H&D Solutions in a leading position.

Through his work as a lecturer and course manager at the MBSZ, Mr. Biqkaj brings all of his know-how in corporate and strategy development to the company.

Motto in life: Start the day with a smile – that’s the morning kick. Every day we don’t laugh is a day wasted.

Quotes: A Business That Makes Only Money Is Bad Business Henry Ford


Angela Ballerini (Projektmanagerin und Administratives)

Angela Ballerini has been supporting the Creative Gastro AG team since 2017.

In addition to administrative activities, Ms. Ballerini is also involved in project management and project support.

At the age of 33, Ms. Ballerini takes on a lot of responsibility at Creative Gastro AG.
Not least because of her training as a qualified Hôtellière-Restrautrice HF, Ms. Ballerini is a true expert in gastronomy and lets her knowledge profitably into the
Incorporate everyday work.

Motto in life: Don’t let anyone wait, you are stealing the most valuable thing there is from those who are waiting! His time!!

Quotes: “Problems are not stop signs, but signposts.” Robert Schuller


Verónica Chamoso Sánchez (Planungsarchitektin)

Verónica Chamoso Sánchez was hired as an intern in July 2021 to strengthen the Creative Gastro AG.

Verónica Chamoso Sánchez, 39, studied architecture at the Politecnica University of Valencia.

She continued her studies in the field of renewable energies, environmental impact assessment and electromobility.

She complements the team with her experience in technical drawing, architecture, interior design and in the various areas of gastronomy and the hotel industry.

Life motto: Everyone has their strengths, but together as a team we are even stronger.

Quotes: You Can’t Choose What Life Gives You But You Can Choose The Way To Answer Maya Angelou



Bettina Würsch Projektleiterin

After graduating from hotel management school, Bettina Würsch worked for several years in various restaurants. Since 1995 she has been working as a catering specialist planner and project manager for the development, planning and implementation of catering projects at Creative Gastro Concept & Design AG.

The 55-year-old realized numerous catering projects all over Switzerland. Her many years of professional experience complement further training in planning and a postgraduate degree in business administration.

Motto in life: Go ways that no one has walked before so that you can leave traces.

Quotes: And then you have to have time to just sit there and look straight ahead

Astrid Lindgren