Digitization package DA +

Menu software implementation package DA +

The digital transformation is a major challenge

1. Digitization do not abolish the human being 

on the contrary! Gastronomy is a “people business” that thrives on the human-to-human relationship. And it stays that way.

2. Digitization supports the restaurateur in the back office. 

Purchasing, accounting, merchandise and inventory management, digital marketing, reservations, online store, cash register and duty scheduling: In all areas where processes are involved, digital tools mean simplification, streamlining and, not least, connectivity.

3. Cockpit solutions make their way into the industry

Central control tools for gastronomic business management are on the rise. 

4. Data management must follow a strategy

What do I want and need to know? What goals do I want to achieve? What do I need to be able to achieve these goals? Questions like these need to be answered before data management can begin. Just like companies in other industries, restaurateurs need a strategy for interpreting the data that is aggregated by means of linked areas and analyzed via cockpit control in a meaningful way and using it for business management purposes.

5. Digitization setup needs expertise

However, no restaurateur can be expected that he brings digital expertise with him from the ground up. As a rule, their strengths lie in other areas – food, drink, service – and that’s exactly how it should be.


Menu Software Implementation Package DA+

  • Our consulting specialists accompany your ERP implantation IT projects with high expertise in all facets of IT and gastronomy.
  • Direct & short communication channels
  • With our consulting and a well-founded neutral IT planning, as well as gastronomy experience, we create in close coordination with you, in a pre-project, through a preliminary analysis and processing of the requirements specification, the important steps together and then go into, the tender. With a market sounding and the correct selection of the ERP MENUSOFTWARE, we reach so a cost-efficient, custom-made solution for your needs.
  • Overall view of the IT landscape
  • Which meets all the gastro and operational requirements of your business.
  • In this way, we ensure that you implement the right Menu ERP software and accompany you as consultants before the project, during it, and after the start of live operation.
  • Comprehensive consulting & support Concept, realization, operation