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The descendants will thank us.




Creative Gastro will continue to promote the careful use of natural resources in order to contribute to the protection of our planet.
The descendants will thank us for it.

Commercial kitchen planner’s thoughts on energy efficiency

On the occasion of the ZAGG Symposium, the will and the communication to save energy, one of our biggest tasks especially for our gastronomy and hotel industry, was sustainably presented.
The current energy consumption of the CH population is about 6,000 watts. In order to achieve the challenges in climate and energy policy, 2000 watts would be the goal. “The 2000 Watt Society” is not a utopia, but a way in the direction of increased energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energies. A study of ENAK writes “to the 2000 Watt society” Is the energy efficiency realizable or only a marketing tool- will there still be warm food in the future?
Based on the calculations of ENAK, it was shown how much energy is needed to prepare a meal. Thus, the kW consumption for cooking a daily menu is 1.4 to 5.4 kWh, the energy value of a meal on average 3.19 kWh! If there is a large kitchen in a hotel building, the kitchen, the washing up and the lingerie need 2/3 of the total energy consumption. The electricity costs for cooking a menu are higher than the side dishes of a daily plate that every company knows exactly, but the energy costs are rarely known exactly. Are you not surprised by these high values? Fiction or truth? As the ENAK study writes. Ask yourself about measures in your business or business concept so for example in the optimization of work processes, the production times and not least the use of equipment in the professional kitchen.
In order to make a contribution to the environment, we need even greater efficiency, primarily in the area of energy. With energy-saving products we make our investments more efficient and help to sustainably support the goals of “the 2000 Watt Society”.

When do you plan to optimize your operation?

When we talk about our planet, it is also about helping people who live on the margins of society.
Thus, in 2018, we will continue to support the project for street children in Salvador.
You too can support the relief work of the Salvador street children campaign.


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