Feasibility Analysis

The definition of the feasibility study

An important instrument for checking the feasibility of gastro projects, which has the task of subjecting projects or project contents that are only roughly outlined in the project conception to a systematic, formal analysis in order to subsequently make decisions on the implementation or rejection of a project. Basically, a presentation of the potential demand, the positioning of the offer and, as a result, the calculation of the economic prospects of success).


In relation to the individual project, the following analyses are to be carried out:

  • The first step is a market and competition analysis, in which, among other things, the general economic conditions, the foreign trade economic development and the macro, micro and project location are explained.
  • In a further step, the existing competitive structures are examined.
  • This is followed by the positioning of the utilization concept. In particular, the expected potential of the project and the target groups are addressed, and the possible gastro type is defined.
  • In order to estimate the expected economic performance, the project-related profitability forecast calculation and a sensitivity analysis are carried out.
  • The calculated operating result is usually compared with an estimated investment volume in order to determine the return on investment.
  • A layout concept is sketched
  • The whole thing is documented and presented in an understandable way

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