We take a very modern approach and always try to involve the users in the company in the considerations.



We analyze your operating procedures, cooking processes and sales strategy. The analysis forms the basis for the successful concept. The concept in turn is the basis for good planning. A good analysis is the preparation for a good execution. The fear of doing the wrong thing - gastronomy should provoke and not imitate.


We accompany our projects from the first pre-project plan sketch to the equipment training of the employees. And even after the opening we provide regular follow-up and on-site visits, this is our intensive support. We offer our customers self-developed software in the areas of menu calculation and stock management, hygiene and safety as support. Where are the key points in gastronomy? Where are the keypoints? Is it in purchasing, personnel planning, marketing or simply in service?


We provide you with expert advice as a neutral and independent planner. The responsible project manager is your contact person during the entire duration of an order. Through regular further training, we keep our finger on the pulse of the times, and by collaborating on new developments, e.g., in the energy sector, we influence the frequency and thus the energy consumption. The economic environment always brings new changes and thus challenges.


We ``conceptualize`` free-flow systems, restaurant offers, entire kitchens, hospital catering, hotel gastronomy, but also only individual sales stands, individually tailored to the needs. We are specialists for very rational operating procedures. Everything around your business. We have to manage to put good, healthy and optimally produced food on the table


We plan in the areas of hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and communal catering. The latest Computing support guarantees rational planning, which is supplemented by energy calculations and cost statements. Clear view and 3D plans allow insight into the planning without prior knowledge. We involve the users in the company in the ongoing planning right from the start. I had a dream - 15 ideas every day. Why do we have such a hard time finding ideas. In the future, simple ideas will be the key to success.